Tree and Shrub Planting & Removal

Michigan is known for its beautiful arbors and lush stands of trees of all kinds. Many of these trees are native to this Great Lakes state, and others have been introduced to the ecology over time. Well-known species of trees such as elms, maples, and oaks live alongside dogwoods, hickories, and elder trees. The list of trees in Michigan is a long one, and the variety and colors of these species is a major reason why many people come to this state each year to enjoy the green canopies and the rainbow of other fall colors that are displayed by Michigan trees.

NJDeDecker Services can provide tree planting for: Japanese maples, Norway maples, all Assortments of Oaks, lindens, Elm Trees, poplars, chestnuts, and many more trees.

We can also provide excellent tree and shrub removal of any size and our team will ensure that nothing else will get damaged or destroyed in the process of removing trees and shrubs..